Pros and cons of open source CRM

Open source CRM ... it looks very attractive. Mainly because of the price (free), but there are also lurking dangers.

Why you should have your CRM in the cloud

Cloud computing is currently a hype, but it is clearly the way to go for small and medium enterprises who want to avoid cost and time for the management of their IT infrastructure. Moreover, access to your actualised CRM data is what you need so often when your not at the office.

More teamwork by sharing information

Until a few years ago CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was n unfamiliar concept to many SMEs.

How can you choose the appropriate CRM software

CRM systems come in all sizes and colors. But how do you choose the best CRM tool?

Did you know that you can access BlueCRM data offline?

Whatever country you are living in, you know that internet access is not always available.